Whether it be in providing strategic support for artists or making plays in the front office while planning for record releases and concerts, K-Wil's work ethic has shown itself to be undeniable. As a one time performer and songwriter himself he has graced the stages of SXSW, A3C, earned a spot as a voting member of the Grammys, as he continues to use himself as a conduit for both upcoming and somewhat established artists. Some may call him the mind behind the operation but he has meticulously drafted many of the best players in todays music to aid the mission and goals of The Golden West. As General Manager his duties include A&R, artist management, talent buyer, equipment purchasing, publishing, and overall dot connector. Whether that be by placing his artists as tour support for national acts, connecting producers with songwriters and performers, licensing music for television and film, or even his most recent accomplishment of building a full service recording studio, K is the type to show growth and progress through action.