Coachella was amazing

There isn't much more to say other than that... well... actually...

After years of many of us going as attendees it was such a pleasant experience to go as guests in support of Versis & Swarvy. Lots of hard work went into making this happen and we certainly partied as hard as we worked. What a way to celebrate the accomplishments of two amazingly great artists.

Big ups to the team and of course Versis and Swarvy for some unbelievable performances that touched the lives of thousands this weekend.  Much love to Nikko Gray, Afta 1, the Beat Cinema fam, Mike, Francis, Paul, Juice, Gopi, our interim cart driver Noel, Chrissy and Tyler, Diverse, the good people of Snapchat, the CSC staff that held us down, craft and catering service was A++++, the photogs, the great people of Golden Voice/AEG, Claire!, Bagel, goodness gracious the countless others we met and had such a great time with.

We are so grateful to have be shown so much love and hospitality. Australia to Miami to The Bay to L.A. 

More amazing times to come... stay tuned for the recap on 


~ Sincerely the admin team