K-Wil remembers Prince

Los Angeles, CA - One of my pups was named after him. His tag saying Prince Purple Rain... 

The first truck I bought, a 1992 Chevrolet Silverado was famously painted in shades of purple because purple was always one of my most favorite colors...

When approaching the summer of 2002 a then 20 year old me was asked by the General Manager of the Foundation Rooms at the House of Blues (The Foundation Rooms) were one of West Hollywood's hot VIP spots. It sat atop the House of Blues, as it was street level with Sunset Blvd.

it was my first DJ residency, at a spot that I was legally allowed to be in as an employee at HOB California ABC laws allow those that are 18+ in to these types of venues as long as I was an actual employee. My oh my how rich those times were. Way before social media and way before Serato I would carry in my 8 crates, one by one, into the lounge. 

One particular night was extra special. 

Over 14 years ago HOB hired a 20 y/o DJ from Pasadena to handle DJ and booking duties for the Foundation Rooms on designated nights... yours truly was known as DJ Foci at the time... 14 years ago to this day we were included in something so incredibly special as he had planned to do a double header but ended up cancelling the Kodak show, we were a bit concerned as the Kodak was a PM show and HOB was to start very early in the AM but official word came back that the show was still on and the Purple One arrived to HOB. It was an incredible night of music. If anyone has the marketing materials I made for the after party please hit contact me. I have a funny story about this I'll tell one day as it all comes back to me but I'll never forget being part of this night. Truly a highlight in my life. Power to Prince. What an amazing human being.

Rest in peace Prince it was an honor to be in your presence it was an honor to be a small part of such a huge night

if any of you were in attendance please let me know it'd be nice to hear your unique memories